Nerve Monitoring during Thyroidectomy and Neck

Parathyrooidectomy Parothydectomy Neck and ENT surgery

Here you can find accessoring a parts for monitroing nerve during thuroidectomy Parothydecomy Parathyroidectomy  and Neck Surgery ENT and Endocrinosurgery
can be used with Nerveana  Neurovision  NIM series 2 3 Medtronic -  Innomed  -  Avalanche  Dr Langer -  Endeavor  Nicolet  Natus -  MagLife  Neurosign and  Axon 

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please insert model, manufacturer equipment used, if probe stimulator is monopolar bipolar tripolar other)

Available monopolar and bipolar Endotracheal Tube disposable and adhesive electrode. Can be used with every ET Tube (not silicone)
electrode size: adult pediatric neonate