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Sleep and Apnea Monitoring

For orders,


Section for Sleep and Apnea accessories and equipment part.
here you can see our sleep catalogue where we insert our standard accessories and parts.
cup electrode reusable and disposable, conductive and adhesive cream, claning cream for preparation skin and scalp, transducer and sensor for nasal, oral, nasal-oral, thoracic, abdominal, leg, arm, application.
inductive chest abdominal band available.
we can supply every part above reusable and or disposable.
NEW we can supply disposable adhesive chest/abdominal transducer for Neonate patient.
available SpO2 sensor used with Nonin Technology pulseoximeter, 
our accessories and part can be used with Embla, Embletta, Compumedics, Respironics, Sandman Puritan Bennet, Alice and Grass equipment. For information you can contact our office 

for more information or price please click here and send us your inquiry

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