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Nuovo sistema per aspirazione spazio subglottideo
Sistema a circuito chiuso per aspirazione pazienti non intubati e intubati
Unico elettrodo ECG per tutti i reparti e utilizzatori Unico Codice = Diminuzione costi di gestione e distribuzione. Standard qualitativo elevato
Elettrodo ECG unico codice e prodotto per tutti gli utilizzatori e reparti. Es. Diagnostica in Cardiologia, Terapia Intensiva(diaforetici), RMN, Emodinamica, Breve monitoraggio e Sala Operatoria.
Elettrodo ECG preformato (4 elettrodi) per Risonanza Magnetica
Utilizzabili con scanner fino a 3 Tesla già in uso


From 2000 we offer quality and innovative solution for needs of our customer and hospital user. Our company is recognized throughout the market for its serious commitment to researching and proposing safe and innovative solutions for their needs and to carry out safe and comfortable procedures for the patient. In many of our solution we can offer a custom service for many device.

Our Target is to solve the problem our customer can have with the best safety and innovative solution.

We provide to sell and supply all italian public and private hospital, bodies, and other market with our medical device and parts. Our company is registered in all web portal or database in all public and private hospital and bodies.

Our Company take part in many tender and procedure in all Public Hospital, Military or other public bodies for many device and tehir destination of use. We are able to develop market for new medical device and we can register, with manufacturer approval and support all new EEC/MDR marked medical device in our ministry of health register.

This step is mandatory for put, buy or try a new medical device in our public hospital market, tender or furniture. ISO 9001-2015 approved and certificated: Our company is certificated for sales and post sales service(repairing too) all medical device. The Post Sales Service can be developed only with manufacturer approval and support.

Our biggest market are:
Anesthesia, ICU-NICU, MRI monitoring and accessories, Clinical Engineering Service supply. Epilepsy monitoring and device, Neurology Labs and Monitoring(Stroke, EEG, EMG, Sleep monitoring) Nerve IOM monitoring durng all surgical procedure like Head/Neck, Thyroidectomy, Central and Pheriperal Nervous System monitoring, Neurosurgery, Spinal Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, other.

Other our market are:
ECG/ECG Defibrillation and monitoring solution, Rehabilitation, Pain Management, Electrostimulation and Neurostimulation, monitoring accessories ECG/EKG, NIBP, Temp., SpO2, IBP; Ultrasound Scanner and accessories or parts.

Disinfection Market:
environmental aerobic disinfection, medical device, medical probe and accesories Custom solution and development of a new sensor, cable, probe: with a large cooperation with many manufacturer we can offer a custom service for many device, cable, sensor, proce, protection system for probe.

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