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TecnoHealth was created in May 2000 in Monticelli Terme, near Parma (Italy) by Giorgio Scita. After working in the medical field for 20 years, he decided to set up his own company which mission is to provide medical accessories to hospitals, private centers and private doctors.

TecnoHealth is a young and dynamic company which has accomplished great results

Our priority?

the right solution for our customers and partner. Offer innovative solutions suitable for every single need 
and the operating theater or environment in which they operate

Our Sales and Post Sales Service are Certificated with ISO 9001-2015 and operate all over our service and product are requested
we can add some other service as:

  • Developing Market for a new medical device or equipment;
  • registration support in to the our Ministry of Health register for new device can be put in our medical market; mandatory procedure for put, sales, buy, try, each new medical device in to the italian market;
  • develop workshop for new safety approach and device for medical procedure;
  • document and manuals of medical devices or equipment translation;

The strength of the company lies in its professionalism, highly qualified employees and fast and personalised service.

TecnoHealth’s goal is to best satisfy the needs of the medical world actors: doctors, technicians, chiropractors, nurses…. through products which guarantee safety and practicality to the medical staff as well as great comfort to the patient.


Public - Tender or Private Hospital : Specialized in Neurology: EEG EMG, Polysomnography, Sleep Monitoring; Nerves monitoring during surgical procedures: e.g. Neurosurgery, Spinal Surgery, Head Neck, ENT, Thyroidectomy; Orthopedic surgery, Central and peripheral nervous system surgery. Devices and solutions for Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Emergency, MRI monitoring and parts or accessories, Disinfection device or solution for Risk Management and Hospital Depts.

Private and Territory or Rural Market: Solutions for mobile, transport, home monitoring, remotely or telemedicine;
Innovative Solutions for: Ultrasound, Sleep and Apnea monitoring, Breath Monitoring solution, Cardiology, Neurology, Rehabilitation Phase and / or multiparametric monitoring, for Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal patients;
These solutions represent a valid and evaluation support for medical staff for monitoring patient with a direct, remote or home remote solution for monitoring patients suffering with respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological disease, motor disease and / or in post surgical or rehabilitative step;

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